We all follow the Arsenal



The Bar

Rhinehaus is our home. It’s an awesome little bar in the heart OTR. They’re our place because they’re the only bar in the city that will open up for every single matchday, buy every single TV package, and in general be kickass.

The Group

Let’s be honest, its easier to watch soccer from your couch. Most of us started out watching soccer on our couches, coffee in hand, for years before realizing that soccer is at its heart a communal experience. Cheering a goal by jumping off your couch is way less fun than running up and down the bar high-fiving everyone, singing the goalscorer's chant, and doing a shot.

We sing chants, we often bring food, and we make friends. Cincy has a reputation as the kind of place where it’s hard to make friends outside of where you went to high school so we want to have an environment that encourages meeting people. So, if it’s you’re first time, please introduce yourself (if we don’t do it first) and we’ll buy you a drink — even if it’s a Coke.

The whole point of this group is to make it worth coming down to the bar when you’d rather be watching in your PJs.

Big Matches

We’ll usually have a something big to do when it’s a match against a Top 6 opponent and it usually revolves around food. We’ve had chili cook-offs, charity events, and FIFA Tournaments.

With some luck, you too could be like Charlie.

With some luck, you too could be like Charlie.

Dollar first Goalscorer

Every matchday we grab the starting lineup and put together a dollar pool on who will score first. Everyone gets to pick a player that hasn’t been picked yet and if your guy scores first, you get all the dollars.

Halftime Photo

Gotta. For the socials.


“When you are a Gooner,

you will always be a Gooner.”

Thierry Henry  | LEGEND



Q. Will rhinehaus Be Open for X Match?

A. YES! Don’t bug them. They will. I promise.

Q. WHat’s the FOod and COffee SItuation at Rhinehaus?

A. Rhinehaus doesn’t serve any food or coffee so feel free to bring some in. Walkable recommendations would be Holtman’s Donuts (bring some for the group 😉) or Coffee Emporium for breakfast food and Gomez Salsa or Goodfellas Pizza for any other time. If it’s a big game, well usually have some kind of event, like a chili cookoff, Nachos for Nacho, or bagels.

Q. Is there a discount?

A. Yep! Members get 15% off their tab on matchdays but you gotta show the card. Get one here.

Q. I don’t drink/am broke/am under 21, can I still watch?

A. Yep, you don’t have to buy anything to watch at Rhinehaus.

Q. Will there be other Supporters there?

A. Yep. It’s cool. Bars full of only Arsenal fans are great but we love some of the lighthearted back and forth we share with the other groups. No need to get aggro.

Q. Where can I park?

A. I recommend street parking but there are a few lots within walking distance (New Kroger Building & Mercer Commons)

Q. What kind of Beverages are available?

A. RH is a full-service bar with beer (can and ten rotating taps), wine, and mixed drinks. Yes, they have Guinness.

Q. Is there a group shot?

A. Psshhhh, of course there is! We’ll do a shot for that special goal, birthday, first time at RH, too early and can’t deal with it, too late and can’t deal with it, etc. etc. etc. … oh, it’s called the Pink Rhino. Enjoy!

Q. How do I meet people/get that first beer you mentioned?

A. If it’s packed or we’re doing an event, we’re usually at the back table. If you want to know what some of the leadership look like, check out this page.

Q. I am LGBTQ+/WomAN/Man/Christian/Muslim/Hindu/SIKH/OLD/Young/Disabled/Any Shade of the Rainbow that is Humanity/Not a native english speaker or any combination of the Above, Am I welcome?

A. Of course! We accept all people who accept all people.


Code of Conduct

Our main objectives are to support the club, increase the camaraderie of our members, and to grow the following of Arsenal in Cincinnati. We will do that by fostering a welcoming, positive, non-discriminatory environment. We will not tolerate any instance of racism, sexism, homophobia, or general dickishness and will commit ourselves to challenging it in order to keep that positive environment. Although we understand that negative things and chants will be said about other clubs, we will not tolerate any abuse of any soccer fan or supporters’ group. Our thought is that, in general, if we act like dicks, then no one will want to hang out with us and no one will have fun.

One of the reasons we love the Arsenal is that we as a club always try to do the right thing. In everything you do, please remember who we are. People will see you but they also see that badge on your chest.

If you ever have any issues with people at Rhinehaus, member of the group or not, please contact us anyway you feel comfortable and we will address it