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David Keim

Le Commish

Rules the group with an iron fist. U bes recognize.

Favorite Player: Not ready to be hurt again

Favorite Arsenal Memory: Naming my puppy, LoLo, (pictured) after Koscielny two weeks before he refused to get on the plane.

Favorite Gif: this one… related to the memory

Why Arsenal? Funny you should ask, I wrote a whole post about it.


Mike Burkel


If there’s one thing Mike is known for contributing, it’s his voice.
On the site, Mike writes bi-weekly blog posts on various Arsenal-related topics. At the bar, you’ll find Mike hanging out with his fellow Gooners or shouting nonsense at the TV screen. Usually both at the same time.

Favorite Shouts: “Take a touch, ref!” “Bike it!” “Kick racism out of football!”


Tyler Popolin

Big Poppy

Chief Positivity Officer. Provides the tunes. May be big and scary but is really pretty nice.

Favorite Player: Laca

Favorite Memory: Arshavin game winner against Barca


Hunter Fava


Is actually Gunnersaurus


Jamie “Wonder Brown” Farris

Maker of Tasty Beverages

Slinger of Drinks, Rhymes, and Good Vibes.