Could we, like, not be shitty about the manager?

Look. I get it. This team isn’t performing as well as it could — perhaps even should — be. I’m not trying to defend the mediocre results we’ve seen. Yes, we’re getting bailed out by Auba. Yup, Pepe should be converting the multitude of chances he’s had. And as always, our defense sucks.

But, still. Could we chill with the “Emery out” shit?

I hated the “Wenger out” crowd. The man is and was a fucking legend both for our team and for the sport as a whole, and the vehemence with which some of that crowd spouted their rhetoric was downright venomous and disrespectful. I disagreed with the sentiment and I disagreed with the way people handled it. At the same time, I understood where they were coming from.

This shit with Emery, though, is un-goddamn-believable. It’s been about a year. Singular. I used the indefinite article.

I mean, come the hell on, people. The man’s had, what, two transfer windows to revitalize a club and playerbase gone stagnant after Wenger’s two-plus decades? I’ve heard of people stepping into way less stressful administration jobs and being told by higher management that they’re not expected to really get going for a year or so because there’s so much about the job and company to learn and alter. Emery’s been learning the language, he’s had to deal with Gazidis leaving and Raul & Co. stepping into their roles, there’s been the Özil saga(s?), players to test and sign and deadwood to move out. That’s a lot to fuckin’ deal with, man.

So if I may channel my inner Sam Wyche: Will the next person who hears anybody chatting that Emery out shit: point ‘em out and get ‘em outta here. You don’t support Man United; you support Arsenal.