Cincy Gooners is very much about the match day experience and sharing it with old and new friends. We meet at our home, Rhinehaus, every match day, even at 7:45 in the morning. Most of us started out watching soccer on our couches, coffee in hand, for years before realizing that soccer is at its heart a communal experience. Cheering a goal by jumping off your couch is way less fun than running up and down the bar high-fiving everyone, singing the goalscorer's chant, and doing a shot. 

Rhinehaus is our home, but we share it with noisy neighbors, too. Most of the EPL teams are represented and it’s a lot of fun on derby days in particular, with a good showing from Spuds and Chavs. There's banter that tends to be good-natured. We even did a big FIFA tournament with special beers from Listermann and West 6th for the last NLD. We do a halftime photo to show off our support and our flashy new Cincy Gooners scarves.

We actively welcome all Gooners, especially those who who are there for the first time. We’ll buy your first beer-- even if it’s a Coke. You can put a buck on your favorite Gunner to score the first goal and take a punt in our prediction league for a mere $10, just so you can watch Charlie show you how it’s done. We have big plans for the future too, so stay tuned for much more from us. Most importantly come and and make some new friends who love the same team you do.