Cincinnati Gooners (CG) is the official Arsenal Football Club supporters' group in Cincinnati and a member of Arsenal America. Our main objective is to increase the camaraderie of our members and to grow the following of Arsenal in Cincinnati. We will increase the following of our club in our city through media outreach, by improving matchday experience, by creating city-specific merchandise and outside events, and by bettering the community through our charitable projects.

Philosophy - We achieve our objective by fostering a welcoming, positive, non-discriminatory environment. Our thought is that, in general, if we act like dicks, then we will attract other dicks, who will think they’re in good company. We will not tolerate any instance of racism, sexism, homophobia, or general dickishness and will commit ourselves to challenging it in order to keep that positive environment. Although we understand that negative things and chants will be said about other clubs, we will not tolerate any abuse of any soccer fan or supporters’ group.

Board of Directors - Commissioner, Treasurer, and three Directors-at-Large

  • The duty of the board is to make the majority of decisions in the governance of CG. While the majority of decisions will be made by the Board, any substantive changes will only be ratified with the approval of the membership and any board decision can be called to a general vote by two members. The board should be transparent with and accountable to the members.

  • The main areas of Board concern are Media, Matchday Experience, Merchandise, Events, and Charity, in addition to the general business of running CG.

  • Changes to the CG Charter must be approved by a majority of the board and then ratified by a majority vote of the membership.

  • Elections will happen for offices on the final day of the season at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and continue through the following season. No term limits exist and any member may put themselves forward for office. If an officer resigns, new elections will be held.

  • Any board member may call a vote of no confidence in any other board member, who may be removed by a 3/5 majority of board or members. A vote of no confidence may also be initiated by two members.


  • A member is any person who shows up to matches, joins the FB group, or wants to be involved in the group and lives in the Cincinnati area. We welcome anybody whose goals align with our philosophy.

  • Annual paid membership confers no additional weight other than the discounts associated with the card.

  • CG shall keep a document with member details/contact info, control of which shall be given to one of the directors-at-large.

  • Members and Board Members who do not adhere to the philosophy may face discipline from the board.


  • The Board will meet every other month and communicate regularly by FB messenger.

  • All board meetings will be announced through twitter and FB and are open to attendance by any member.

  • The AGM will take place every year on the final matchday and every member is encouraged to attend.

  • An additional General Meeting will take place in August to set the goals for that current season. Those goals will be outlined in the planning document. We welcome feedback at any time directly or through our email ( While the document itself may be secret, a general plan should be posted with the Generals Meeting’s results.


  • Every decision is up for an up or down majority vote. Board members may vote in absentia while members may not.

  • Amendments to motions should be limited and are also subject to an up or down vote.

  • In general, you can shoot down all the ideas you want but you have to be willing to do the legwork for your own idea. Negativity results in nothing being accomplished so we should work toward constructive solutions.

  • Quorum consists of at least 3/5 of the Board.

Current Board:

  • Commissioner - David Keim

  • Treasurer - Hunter Fava - Prediction League

  • Director - Chris Marshall - Charity

  • Director - Tyler Popolin - Membership

  • Director - Charlie Kishman

Board Roles: Charity, Events, Membership, Merchandise, Prediction League, Web

Member Roles:

  • Social Media -

  • Photographer -

  • Blogger -

  • Graphic Designer -